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AAII - American Association of Individual Investors


Armonk, New York – Effective immediately - Lake Group Media, Inc. is chosen to manage AAII Paid Members-American Association of Individual Investors, AAII Dividend Investing, AAII Mutual Fund Newsletter, AAII Stock Enthusiasts, AAII Stock Investor Pro and Stock Superstars Report.

Active Paid Members - 146,845 @ $195/M
12 Mo New/Renewal Members - 76,907@ $210/M
Long Term Members (3+ Yr) - 76,770 @ $205/M
2018 Expires - 15,345 @ $150/M
Non-Finance/Consumer Rate @ $110/M
Fundraiser Rate @ $85/M


AAII - the American Association of Individual Investors - is an independent nonprofit corporation formed in 1978 for the purpose of assisting individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research. AAII has educated over two million investors and continues to help them develop their "investment philosophy" based on individual objectives. This is accomplished by illustrating how to evaluate different investment vehicles and opportunities, showing how to obtain necessary information for effective decision making, and even informing investors how various investments relate to each other within the economic climate. AAII Membership includes a subscription to the award-winning AAII Journal, access to, AAII Model Stock Portfolio, as well as, access to stock ideas, discussion boards, investor guides and much more. AAII Members are looking for information that will allow them to develop a sound framework to manage their investments and build their wealth. These individual investors have a distinct advantage over the institution in terms of flexibility. They can move quickly, have a wider range of opportunities and can tailor their portfolio more effectively.

Active Paid Subscribers - 24,625 @ $205/M


AAII's Dividend Investing identifies the best dividend investment opportunities by focusing on a select universe of well-financed companies and was designed to help investors build a portfolio of potential dividend winners. Subscribers receive weekly updates and a monthly PDF newsletter providing in-depth analysis and education as well as access to a model portfolio of 24 hand-picked dividend-paying stocks.


Active Paid Subscribers - 14,667 @ $195/M
Expires - 4,871 @ $145/M
Non-Finance/Consumer Rate @ $110/M
Fundraiser Rate @ $85/M


AAII Quarterly Mutual Fund Update subscribers receive a quarterly newsletter that allows them to keep tabs on the funds they own or are considering. They can see if their fund has done better or worse than its peer group by quarter over the last year and for the most recent three years and five years. Over 900 no-load and low-load mutual funds are covered. Funds are grouped by objective for easy evaluation and comparison and an editorial provides an overview of the reported quarter and quick synopsis of the markets behavior. Quarterly Update subscribers also have access to a "subscribers only" area on, where they can retrieve expanded mutual fund data and downloads.


Active Paid Subscribers/Buyers - 14,512 @ $225/M
Expires - 34,457 @ $170/M


AAII Stock Enthusiasts are AAII Members who have purchased newsletter subscriptions, software and/or books from AAII that focus solely on the area of stock investing. These enthusiasts have paid an average of $142 for AAII subscriptions and services that are designed to educate users about stock investing, as well as, provide the direction and guidance needed to outpace the overall market.


Active Paid Subscribers - 3,247 @ $295/M
Expires - 10,272 @ $185/M


Stock Investor Pro is a high power stock screening database published by AAII covering the universe of all U.S. traded companies. It gives subscribers mind-boggling search and screening power to find the best stocks that meet their goals and risk tolerance. Not only can they screen stocks that meet virtually any combination of up to 2,000 criteria, but built-in filters enable them to model the criteria used by the most successful investors of all time (Lynch, Graham, Buffett, O'Neil and more), and see the stocks they would select. With monthly updates and weekly online downloads, Stock Investor Pro combines timely data with in- depth data to keep investors well prepared to act in time to make that critical difference between matching or beating the market averages.


Active Paid Subscribers - 5,673 @ $295/M
Expires 2014-2018 - 1,029 @ $185/M


Developed by the American Association of Individual Investors, Stock Superstars Report teaches investors how to build a successful investment portfolio by coupling time-tested investment research with proven risk-reduction strategies. Subscribers receive weekly information and research covering the SSR portfolio, its holdings and the strategies employed in creating this real-world model that makes low risk and high returns a priority.


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