Lake Group Media's Thursday Target    
01 | 10 | 2019

This is Lake Group Media's weekly news flash, which identifies newly managed properties, weekly specials and files that have updated. Please click on the list names to view the data cards.

New to LGM

AAII Dividend Investing
  • Active Paid Subscriber - 24,625 @ $205.00/M
AAII Mutual Fund Newsletter
  • Active Paid Subscribers - 14,667 @ $195.00/M
AAII Paid Members-American Assoc. of Individual Investor
  • Active Paid Subscribers - 144,549 @ $195.00/M
AAII Stock Enthusiasts
  • Active Paid Subscribers/Buyers - 14,512 @ $225.00/M
AAII Stock Investor Pro
  • Active Paid Subscribers - 3,247 @ $295.00/M
Stock Superstars Report
  • Active Paid Subscribers - 5,673 @ $295.00/M

New to Market

Consumer Demand
Consumer Demand - Automobile Shoppers
  • Total Universe - 9,750,000 @ $95.00/M
Consumer Demand - Donors
  • Total Universe - 30,800,000 @ $75.00/M
Consumer Demand - Healthy Living
  • Total Universe - 32,060,000 @ $75.00/M
Consumer Demand - Hobbies & Interests
  • Total Universe - 25,300,000 @ $85.00/M
Consumer Demand - Insurance Seekers
  • Total Universe - 15,500,000 @ $80.00/M
Consumer Demand - Investors
  • Total Universe - 16,000,000 @ $95.00/M
Consumer Demand - Masterfile
  • Total Universe - 125,000,000 @ $80.00/M
Consumer Demand - Newly Married
  • Total Universe - 3,500,000 @ $85.00/M
Consumer Demand - Retail Shoppers
  • Total Universe - 55,000,000 @ $85.00/M
Consumer Demand - Travel
  • Total Universe - 33,000,000 @ $85.00/M
Consumer Demand - Young Families
  • Total Universe - 25,000,000 @ $85.00/M
Easy Rest Direct Responder Custom Models
  • Total Responders - 2,816,567 @ $100.00/M
Healthy DirectionsSupplement Catalog Blow In
  • 2019 Annual Catalogs - 8,700,000 @ $35.00/M

Name Change

Hearst Book Buyers Enhanced Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Book Buyers Enhanced Masterfile
Hearst Health Abacus Cross-Member Modeling
  • Formerly Rodale Abacus Cross-Member Modeling
Hearst Health Alternative Health Book Buyers
  • Formerly Rodale Alternative Health Book Buyers
Hearst Health Book Buyers
  • Formerly Rodale Book Buyers
Hearst Health Canadian Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Canadian Masterfile
Hearst Health Change of Address Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Change of Address Masterfile
Hearst Health Cookbook Buyers
  • Formerly Rodale Cookbook Buyers
Hearst Health E-Newsletter Subscribers at Postal Address
  • Formerly Rodale E-Newsletter Subscribers at Postal Address
Hearst Health Family Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Family Masterfile
Hearst Health Gift Givers
  • Formerly Rodale Gift Givers
Hearst Health Green Living Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Green Living Masterfile
Hearst Health Magazines Enhanced Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Magazines Enhanced Masterfile
Hearst Health Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Masterfile
Hearst Health Merchandise Buyers Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Merchandise Buyers Masterfile
Hearst Health Merchandise Modeling Masterfile
  • Formerly Rodale Modeling Masterfile
Hearst Health Political Party Affiliation
  • Formerly Rodale Political Party Affiliation
Hearst Health Reactivated Book Buyers
  • Formerly Rodale Reactivated Book Buyers
Hearst Health Weight Loss Book Buyers
  • Formerly Rodale Weight Loss Book Buyers
Hearst Health Wiland Direct Modeling
  • Formerly Rodale Wiland Direct Modeling
Hearst Health Woman's Health Book Buyers
  • Formerly Rodale Woman's Health Book Buyers

Special Offers

AAII Dividend Investing
  • $15/M off the base rate for new test mailers through January
Essence Magazine Seniors
  • Source select waived for all test mailers
Paula Young & Especially Yours Package Insert Program
  • March insert space still available. 91,000 volume: inserts due 2/1
Redan Fun To Learn Masterfile
  • $10/M off the base rate for new test mailers
  • Two non-enhanced selects capped at $10/M
Trusted Media Brands
  • $5/M select cap for all test mailers (excludes enhanced)

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