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Google Analytics

Installation, configuration and ongoing management of your Google Analytics account. 

Originally our engagements with Google Analytics were all rolled up into one level of service, which basically amounted to being a full service Web Analyst for our clients.   For most small to medium sized clients, this is an ideal arrangement, because they often lack the ability or resources to have a full time analyst on their web site.  Trusting this function of their web site to Lake Group Media proves to be a cost effective way to gain insights into their web presence, without the overhead and stress of trying to find a quality full time analyst.

As Lake Group Media has evolved this service and began working with larger clients, we have noticed that there is also a need to de-couple several of these services away from being a one-stop shop, and make available individual pieces of our services for clients to choose what they need most.  We now offer a variety of services corresponding to Google Analytics, including:

  • Full Service Google Analytics Retainer - This package will take you from A to Z, covering implementation, configuration, analysis and reporting at consistent intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly; you choose).  Retainer based.
  • Google Analytics Technical Code Implementation - Assistance with placing Google Analytics JavaScript code on your site; base implementation or customized to fit your business needs.  Retainer or project based.
  • Google Analytics Account Configuration - Configuration of Profiles, Goals, Filters, Funnels, E-Commerce, Internal Site Search are all covered in this service.  Retainer or project based.
  • Google Analytics Best Practices Consulting – Lake Group Media will consult with you on your Google Analytics issues/concerns and work to propose an optimal Configuration/ Implementation moving forward.  Retainer or project based.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard and Reports Automation - Google makes it very easy to create dashboards and automated reports in their system, but are they telling you the whole story?  Lake Group Media can help you configure your dashboards to ensure that they are easy to understand, and only include the metrics that you care about.  Retainer or project based.

For a custom Google Analytics services recommendation, please contact Ryan Lake at Lake Group Media.

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