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About Our Nonprofit Cooperative

DonorBase ( is a cooperative prospecting database devoted exclusively to nonprofits and fundraisers.  We offer responsive acquisition prospects, re-activate lapsed donors, and analytical campaign solutions from a master database of over 64 million direct mail generated donors representing over 652 million gift transactions and $42.8 billion in charitable giving.

Members participate in DonorBase by sharing their donor information within a secure marketing database (housed at LiftEngine and managed by Lake Group Media).  Each member is able to use the combined database to extract the new prospects needed for their direct mail campaigns.

DonorBase evaluates the demographic, lifestyle, and donor transaction (RFM) information for each client, comparing this information to the national average and to information maintained within DonorBase.  Review of these detailed DonorBase Analytical Reports (“DBARs”) enables members to ascertain the health of their acquisition and renewal efforts and identify which DonorBase prospects are best suited for their future campaigns.

Proprietary modeling services enable members to focus on solving key acquisition goals, such as improving upfront campaign response or cultivating donor Lifetime Value.  DonorBase also offers advanced modeling to identify the most productive ask string amounts (acquisition or renewal) and improve campaign efficiencies through merge optimization.

DonorBase offers lapsed donor reactivation by identifying which lapsed donors are currently donating to other charities, then providing additional categorical, RFM, and demographic attributes for optimized list selection.

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