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Easy Rest

Armonk, New York – Effective immediately - Lake Group Media, Inc. is chosen to manage the Easy Rest family of lists.

Total Responders - 2,504,318 @ $100/M
Monthly Responders - 114,399 @ +$20/M
3 Month Responders - 288,607 @ +$15/M

Total Responders - 1,192,687 @ $100/M
Monthly Responders - 80,840 @ +$20/M
Donors (all orders) @ +$16/M

Total Responders - 2,504,318 @ $100/M
Monthly Responders - 114,399 @ +$20/M

Publisher Rate @ $85/M / Fundraiser Rate @ $75/M

The Easy Rest files offer respondents to highly promotional direct marketing campaigns offering free information on the physical and mental advantages of buying the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System. The Easy Rest system, with soothing massage and optional heat control, lets you rest, relax, and unwind at the touch of a button. 

These consumers have shown an interest in the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System and are likely to have an interest in other home, health, and senior related products. They are also avid readers of books, magazines, and newsletters and donors to various charitable causes.

To place an order on these files, please contact Sheryl Benjamin at  
(914) 925-2432, or e-mail

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