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Armonk, New York – Effective immediately - Lake Group Media, Inc. is chosen to manage the Fingerhut files which include: Fingerhut Abacus Cross Member Modeling Program, Fingerhut Buyers Masterfile and Enhanced, Fingerhut Charitable Donors Masterfile, Fingerhut Legacy Database, Fingerhut Modeling Program and Fingerhut Seniors Masterfile. 

24 Month Buyers - 1,712,833 @ $100/M
Monthly Hotline - 187,193 @ +$20/M
3 Month Buyers - 432,030 @ +$15/M
6 Month Buyers - 1,020,965 @ +$10/M
12 Month Buyers - 1,319,752 @ $100/M


24 Month Buyers - 1,712,833 @ $100/M
Abacus Scoring Fee @ +$30/M

24 Month Buyers - 731,365 @ $100/M
Donors (all orders)  @ +$12/M

Total Universe/ Base Rate - 2,787,869 @ $100/M

Total Universe/ Base Rate - 3,764,900 @ $110/M
Model Scoring Fee @ +$25/M

24 Month Buyers - 891,774 @ $100/M
Adult Age (all orders)  @ +$12/M

Publisher Rate @ $80/M
Fundraiser Rate
@ $75/M

FINGERHUT builds lifetime customer value with its customers by offering "access to better living" through its popular credit services and its wide selection of name-brand general merchandise. FINGERHUT customers choose from a variety of products at different price points, including electronics, apparel, jewelry, sports/recreation/outdoor, toys/infants, and home furnishings. 

To place an order on this file or for more information on the modeling program, 
please contact 
Sheryl Benjamin at  

(914) 925-2432, or e-mail

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Lake Group Media, Inc.,  1 Byram Brook Place, Armonk, NY 10504

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