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Services Offered

Lake B2B offers business marketers professional data management, digital marketing and consulting services designed to create better marketing programs, and help your business excel in revenue. We achieve your goals by giving dedicated guidance, technical support and 24/7 customer service.  We work alongside your team to provide custom solutions based on your objective and business goals. With our strong business acumen, leadership and reputation, we deliver everything you need to reach a larger audience.

We offer a host of unique business services, including:

  • Business Data Collection & Licensing - We offer licensed business data sets with postal, email, and telephone components.  Beyond this traditional data is the opportunity to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 pre-screened business prospects to marketers, eliminating wasted marketing spend.  We can pre-qualify the best prospects for you and you pay only for the leads that are interested in your B2B product!
  • Business Data Management - With constant changes in user profiles, chances of reaching the right contact is increasingly difficult. Data validation with Lake B2B is performed electronically and manually with advanced software to check for misplaced, inaccurate and inconsistent data. Lake B2B allows its customers to provide information based on their choices, opt-out from campaigns, ‘do not call’ requests, soliciting authentic requests etc. By doing so, data remains updated for effective customer engagement campaigns.
  • Business Data Validation & Verification - Lake B2B follows 2 methods to adhere to in the Data Verification process and build confidence amongst prospects, marketers and businesses.
  • Automatic Verification Method - Email messages are sent to contacts in the database to verify options of 'Opt-in' to receive updates through emails as per agreed terms or 'Opt-Out' of the email campaigns if not interested in receiving updates.
  • Manual Verification Method - Telemarketing professionals contact each customer in the database by verifying options of 'Opt-in' and agree to receive calls in the future and 'Opt-out' and join the 'Do Not Call' registry list.
  • Hard Bounce Email Management - Lake B2B provides seamless connectivity to customers and reduced instances of bounces through email campaigns. Through constant monitoring of ISP’s to remove inactive subscribers we provide quick and cost effective solutions to scrub wrong addresses from your email database.  We can increase your delivery of emails by 6% each month. 
  • Business Data Enhancement - Data enhancement is the process by which we add records to your existing database of marketing contacts. With the new contacts in your database from Lake B2B, you will have a larger percentage of contacts that are actually looking just for your brand. By enhancement, we also mean increasing the percentage of profiles that are interested in the kind of products and services you have to offer, even if they have not visited your website or store
  • Business Data Building - We have a masterfile of B2B marketing data, which includes more than 40 million records. At the same time, we guarantee that none of our records include profiles or people who have been added to the list without permission. We ensure that the data provided to you are the most relevant records – so that you can find the maximum number of transformable prospects in a marketing file that your sales teams are about to use.
  • Demand Generation Programs – Beyond building targeted business lists for licensing, Lake B2B offers demand generation programs via outbound email marketing and outbound telemarketing campaigns.  The best part – you pay only for the prequalified business leads we develop for you!   
  • Lead Management Programs - Lead management is the most important step which bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It’s a customer acquisition process which identifies potential buyers (leads), educates them, engages with them, and when the leads are considered qualified, gets passed from marketing to sales. This can improve the results of your lead generation efforts and ultimately contribute to more sales.
  • Business Data Appending – Lake B2B  provides top-notch data appending services to business-to-business organizations. We have the expertise and experience to perform data appending on specific segments and over 245 industry verticals. Our proven append services enhance the value of your database and fix the missing fields with accurate information.
  • Duplicate Data Cleansing - Lead management is the most important step which bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It’s a customer acquisition process which identifies potential buyers (leads), educates them, engages with them, and when the leads are considered qualified, gets passed from marketing to sales. This can improve the results of your lead generation efforts and ultimately contribute to more sales.
  • Data Normalization - Normalization is often overlooked as a luxury that only academics have time for.  However, knowing the principles of normalization and applying them to your daily database could drastically improve the performance of your database marketing.
  • Reduces redundant data
  • Organizes data in a systematic manner
  • Making sense of data dependency
  • Reduce the amount of space a database consumes
  • Logically storing the data

Lake B2B provides services from “one” the lowest form of normalization, referred to as “first normal form” or “1NF”, through “five”, referred to as “fifth normal form” or “5NF”.

  • Data Cleansing - Lake B2B uses advanced data cleansing tools to ensure you get the most cleansed data. The methods used by Lake B2B to accomplish the task of data cleansing include both automated data cleansing, manual data cleansing and a combined cleansing process. 

Our data cleansing provides a state of completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness and accuracy that makes data appropriate for a specific use.

  • Reduced duplicates
  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Improved operational efficiency & reduced hurdles
  • Reduced risks
  • Controlled costs
  • Increased turnaround
  • Enables trend analysis and benchmarking
  • Improved data security and accessibility
  • “B2B APP” Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Custom Platform – B2B App is the first-of-its-kind automation tool that integrates complete sales and marketing requirements. The tool brings together your sales, marketing and customer service cycles and makes your business process much better, faster and successful.
  • Data Management - Import your internal database, search and add more data from Lake B2B or any third party vendors, upload data and have all your data in a single platform.
  • Bounce Management - Worried about bounce mails from your previous campaigns? Learn more about your bounces and remove any hard bounce automatically with BounceApp.
  • Create a Custom Database - All your verified and appended data is compiled on a single platform. Save any segmented database and create such lists for all your campaigns.
  • CRM - Integrate customer service into your sales and marketing cycles with a comprehensive CRM module. Get optimum results from your marketing efforts.
  • Auto Fill - Missing the email addresses of your prospects? Choose B2B App’s Auto Fill tool to automatically add the missing email ids.
  • Avoid Spam Traps - Stay away from spam traps with B2B App. Remove any spam traps from your database by checking with this application. Be safe and sure with B2B App.
  • Email Campaigns - Create, rollout, manage and measure your campaigns with a single module. Export the opens, clicks and other details into the CRM or any spreadsheet.
  • Lead Nurturing - Allot your leads to personalized lead nurturing campaigns. Nurture each lead individually and turn more leads into deals. All you need is a mouse click.
  • Salesforce Integration (MyProspects) - MyProspects is a Salesforce integration app, which provides you a wide range of prospects from various industries from our database.  This app allows you to search, purchase and download them directly into your instance as Leads. It also provides you an option of importing them as converted leads with/without opportunities.
  • Outsourced Marketing Services – Lake B2B offers business marketers the rare opportunity to outsource marketing services, either on a small-scale or enterprise-wide.  Outsourced marketing capabilities include:
  • Outsourced Database Marketing – including prospect list building, database management, data hygiene, data licensing and industry and title-specific database development and maintenance.
  • Marketing Content Development – including content for business websites, blogs, newsletters, collateral materials, tag lines, SEO, articles, copy editing, brochures, press releases, white papers, e-books, PowerPoint presentations and proposals.
  • Search Engine Optimization – including website audits, website architecture, keyword research, link building and analysis, content correction, user interface, navigation, directory submission  and bookmarking.
  • Social Media Management – including account management, brand monitoring, bookmarking, networking, forums, tags, videos, blogs, micro–blogging, feeds, traffic, link-sharing, and comments.
  • Web Development – including designing, coding, logos, integration, testing, lead management, blogs, API, analytics, banners, newsletters, collateral materials, launch and visibility.
  • Lead Generation – including email campaigns, tele-calling, search marketing, blogs, webinars and websites for front-end lead generation with back-end lead automation, capturing, scoring, managing, nurturing and converting.
  • Custom Programming – including design, coding & development, testing, integration and deployment for many languages, including .Net | ASP.Net | PHP | SQL  200x | MySQL .
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