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Services Offered

Lake Group Media has differentiated ourselves from the pack of “traditional list brokers” by providing more than just order placement and execution, but complete agency marketing services – including complete media planning for direct mail, inserts, email and digital media, campaign response analysis, modeling, cooperative database media recommendations, competitive intelligence, and merge purge services.

Media Planning 

Lake Group Media develops comprehensive media plans based on analysis of past results using statistical mail planning and response analysis tools.  These programs allow us to develop custom media plans, evaluate list and creative package tests, and explore “what if” budget-related scenarios.

Our biggest competitive advantage in building these comprehensive media plans is our people – we have over 70 employees, most based in our Armonk, New York headquarters, with satellite offices in New Jersey, Arizona, Florida and Virginia.

Our staff talent is unmatched, with a tradition of working with the best and brightest direct marketers at leading national and regional commercial and nonprofit organizations.  Our staff has an average tenure of 18 years industry experience across all divisions here at Lake Group Media.  All of our media buying (list brokerage) teams are trained and expert in using the ATLAS statistical platform in order to build more effective media plans, and this dedicated account team approach makes a big difference in the analysis of past results and development of the most efficient media plans moving forward. 

We are excited to have the opportunity to show you how we approach media planning by uploading and analyzing your historical data to provide you free insight and actionable solutions.  Typically, three to five (3-5) years worth of historical response and cost data is uploaded and then standardized and cleaned by your Lake Group Media account team, insuring accurate analysis moving forward.  The resulting “Performance Analysis & Opportunity Report” (“PAOR”) is presented to you and your team at no cost.

This analysis can be performed for any of our media platforms – including direct mail, inserts, email, and digital media. 

Creative Intelligence

Lake Group Media offers clients free competitive intelligence tools to track competitive creative, mail dates, even the direct marketing lists used in direct mail, insert, and email marketing campaigns.

Through our web-based interface, Lake Group Media lets you see the postal mailing packages other companies have used so you can learn from their tests and direct mail controls!

Clients receive FREE password-protected Web-based access to this most complete archive of competitive intelligence ever assembled, including 10+ Years of archived direct mail creative history for thousands of direct mail marketers.

Mail Date Intelligence 

Lake Group Media also provides clients with mail date analysis, by market category or by specific competitors, to examine when their media campaigns take place. This competitive information is beneficial to developing your own media calendars for optimal exposure and results.   

Fundraising Market-Specific Intelligence

Lake Group provides nonprofit clients with specific market intelligence beyond just creative.  Our nonprofit clients can leverage our reports including:

  • Ask String Intelligence by Nonprofit Category
  • Premium Intelligence by Nonprofit Category (How many use premiums? What Premiums are used most often?)
  • Benchmarking Reports through our Nonprofit Cooperative DonorBase 


Lake Group Media offers many modeling options to enhance the performance of your media campaigns.  We utilize staff-modelers that are expert in their specific categories to develop custom models for our clients.  We also leverage industry-modeling experts to best optimize certain outside media sources.   In the nonprofit sector we can also leverage over 250 million unique donor transactions through our nonprofit cooperative DonorBase to build the most effective models for donor acquisition, retention, and reactivation. 

Cooperative Database Media Buying 

Lake Group Media is one of the country’s largest media buyer of transactional cooperative data.  As such each of the cooperatives visit our media buying teams here in our offices 3-4 times each year, with additional meetings focused on specific clients during trade shows and industry events.  Over the last 12 months our media buying teams have placed over 4,000 media orders for cooperative data totaling more than 35 million cooperative records.  The cooperatives are always changing.  It is more important than ever to have a partner that is always engaged with the cooperatives and examining their process, specifically how they are building your models and selecting your prospects.  Lake Group Media is your advocate in these relationships to ensure the best names are selected.   

Merge Purge

Experience the advantage of Lake Group Media’s Merge/Purge processing services which are not “black box” but custom applications built with the client’s best interests in mind.  Because we do not own a service bureau we can provide objective advice on the best companies and merge purge processes to help improve your campaign performance and timelines.  

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