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Meredith offers two distinct modeling options for mailers that are looking to improve performance or expand existing usage on their Corporate Database of over 100 million records. The modeling universe begins with data from the individual brands (subscription and product buyers) and includes demographics, lifestyle, and purchase information from their robust enhancements.  After matching the data provided to Meredith, a Model Universe is defined based on the strongest variables in the match.

Types of Models:

Good Customer Match Model:  A GCM model is used to identify prospects that most closely resemble a mailer’s best customers. After supplying a significant sample to Meredith a match will be performed and the model will be created based on the matches to the Meredith Corporate Database.

Net Response Model: A Net Response model is used to find similar customers to those who have responded to a recent mailing. In order to build a Net Response Model, mailers need to provide files from several recent mailings which will give Meredith 25M net responders and 50M non-responders to utilize for the build.   

Meredith requires 20 business days to complete a model build

Profile Analysis:

Not sure which straight selects to use from the Corporate Database?  Meredith will create a profile report with recommended selects based on data that a mailer provides for a match to their database.  The report includes index levels for the following data:

  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Demographics
  • Affinity Purchases
  • Interests
  • Geography
  • Source

Based on the Profile, mailers will receive several recommendations for straight list selects to be tested from the Corporate Database. These selects can be from specific titles or segments from one of our many Masterfiles within the Corporate Database.

Meredith requires 10 business days to complete a Profile Analysis Report


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