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Newsmax Postal Health Files

Armonk, New York – Effective immediately - Lake Group Media, Inc. is chosen to manage the Newsmax postal health files which include: Blaylock Wellness Report Postal Subscribers, Dr. Brownstein's Natural Way To Health Postal Subscribers, Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Report Postal Subscribers, Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report Postal Subscribers, Health Radar and Newsmax Health Postal Masterfile.

Active Subscribers - 58,018 @ $135/M

Active Subscribers - 64,541 @ $135/M

Active Subscribers - 48,660 @ $135/M

Active Subscribers - 30,132 @ $135/M

Active Subscribers - 75,681 @ $135/M

Newsmax Health is a vital information source for health-conscious readers who are seeking to maintain a long and robust life. Newsmax Health's mission is to provide instant access to leading medical experts in attentive health and wellness, bringing readers solutions to health issues often ignored by today's conventional medical press. They provide the latest news on medical breakthroughs, medical studies, conventional and alternative medicines, prescription drugs and nutritional supplements. Their top team of medical doctors includes Mehmet Oz, Michael Roizen, Erika Schwartz, Russell Blaylock, Chauncey Crandall,  Gary Small and David Brownstein.

The Newsmax Health Postal Masterfile is the largest single source, deduped universe of Newsmax Health subscribers and buyers. It includes subscribers to Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report, The Blaylock Wellness Report, Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Report, Dr. David Brownstein's Natural Way to Health, Health Radar as well as books covering a variety of health related topics. 

Newsmax Health subscribers and buyers are highly responsive to health, medical, nutritional and alternative health promotions, in addition to offers that promote a dynamic lifestyle. They are constantly searching for products, supplements, and services that will help them and their loved ones achieve and preserve optimal health and wellness. 

To place an order on these files, please contact Sheryl Benjamin at  

(914) 925-2432, or e-mail

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