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What We Do

Lake Group Media, Inc. is a media buying (list broker) and sales agency (list manager) specializing in the direct mail, insert, email & online channels. Our clients represent industry leaders in the fundraising, consumer/business publishing, association, merchandise, catalog, education, and financial markets. 

Our Media Buying (List Brokerage) & Analytics division delivers comprehensive media planning, strategy, modeling and analytics for direct mail, email, online display and insert media. We offer complete response analysis, media planning, analytics and modeling to provide clients the most responsive media at the lowest cost.

Our Media Sales (List Management) division represents over 150 individual clients for whom we optimize the revenue from their direct mail lists, insert programs, email lists and digital media assets.

Our Digital Marketing Services include SEM-Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Email Append, Reverse Email Append, Online Display/Banner Advertising Campaigns, and Co-Registration.

DonorBase is the industry's leading fundraising cooperative with more than 57 million unique donors segmented by donor category, with over 489 million donor transactions and over $18 Billion in donations or gifts!

Lake B2B offers licensed business data sets with postal, email, and telephone components.  Beyond this traditional data is the opportunity to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 pre-screened business prospects to marketers, eliminating wasted marketing spend!  We can pre-qualify the best prospects for you and you pay only for the leads that are interested in your product! We also offer business marketers database marketing, content development, search engine optimization, web development, social media management, custom programming applications, and custom lead generation. 

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