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Lake Group Media®, Inc. Appointed Stauer’s Customer Acquisition and Data Management Partner.


Armonk, New York – Effective April 1, 2020 - Stauer has appointed Lake Group Media, Inc. to handle new customer acquisition, list sales and insert media management. Lake Group Media’s list acquisition services include strategic media campaign development, planning and execution, deep analytics and performance management reporting, as well as development of multichannel marketing to complement the direct mail program and to optimize direct mail results. Lake Group Media’s list management team will be responsible for maximizing revenue on both the list and insert media sales revenue.


24 Month Buyers - 331,265 @ $120/M
Monthly Hotline - 14,530 @ +$30/M
3 Month Buyers - 56,719 @ +$25/M
6 Month Buyers - 101,580 @ +$20/M
12 Month Buyers - 168,763 @ +$15/M
Fundraiser Rate @ $75/M


Annual Catalogs - 10,535,000 @ $35/M


Annual Packages - 537,000 @ $60/M


About Stauer

Stauer's iconic business started in 2003 with a lofty ambition - to tell the stories of the world's most precious stones, vintage-inspired watches and other unique collectibles and offer them at revolutionary prices. They are one of the nation's largest exotic gemstone dealers, shopping the world for the rare and the beautiful, cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to their buyers.


Stauer buyers are interested in high quality products - fine watches and jewelry, luxury items, unique collectibles, and innovative products - offered at extraordinary prices and backed by outstanding service.


About Lake Group Media

Lake Group Media, Inc. is an industry-leading direct marketing agency specializing in the direct mail, insert, email and online channels. LGM helps organizations grow their  customer or donor base through full service integrated marketing solutions including direct mail, email, print and insert media, as well as multichannel social media and digital campaigns. 

To place an order on this responsive file, please contact Fred Onemma at (914) 925-2446, or e-mail

To place an order on the blow in or package insert program, contact Jim Gallagher at (914) 925-2407, or email

Full listing of Lake Group Media datacards


Lake Group Media, Inc. 1 Byram Brook Place, Armonk, NY 10504
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