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UC Berkeley Health and Wellness

Armonk, New York – Effective immediately - Lake Group Media, Inc. is chosen to manage the UC Berkeley Health Lists which include: UC Berkeley Health & Wellness Publications Enhanced MF, UC Berkeley Health After 50, UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, UC Berkeley White Paper & Wellness Report Buyers, UC Berkeley Wiland Direct Modeled MF.

Total Buyers/Subscribers  @ $115/M
Month Buyers/Subscribers  @ +$12/M

Active Subscribers - 44,554 @ $115/M
Month Subscribers  - 10,904 @ +$12/M

Active Subscribers - 56,998 @ $115/M
Month Subscribers - 12,939 @ +$12/M
Canadian Subscribers - 1,428 @ $350/

12 Month Book Buyers - 21,435 @ $125/M
Month Book Buyers - 5,652 @ +$10/M

Active U.S. Subscribers - 117,707 @ $115/M
Wiland Scoring Fee  +$35/M

 Catalog Rate @ $80/M / Fundraiser Rate @ $75/M

The University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, is a leading resource for evidence-based wellness information. They review the latest research to clarify the often conflicting and superficial health information presented by the popular media. They do not promote faddish diets or other anecdote-based regimens, or repeat conventional medical advice from mainstream health organizations or pharmaceutical companies. They rely on the expertise of top researchers at the University of California, as well as other physicians and scientists from around the world, to translate leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living. 

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(914) 925-2432, or e-mail

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